Strength in Numbers

If you are part of a mom’s group, chances are, you are all struggling to lose the “baby weight.”  I am not an advocate of focusing on weight loss.  I prefer to concentrate on building a healthier body.  I read an article that said weight loss should be the result of reaching a goal- it should not be the goal.  With that philosophy in mind, my mom’s group came up with the idea of the “Inside Out Competition”- to improve ourselves inside and out.


The buy in for the competition is $5.  Each participant writes down 1 goal for each of the following categories:  food, fitness, lifestyle and other.  One participant collects all the goals and divides them according to category.  Each week, a goal is drawn from each category and emailed to the entire group.  Each participant also chooses one personal goal that does not have to be revealed, for  a total of five goals to work on for the week.  For each goal you complete, you earn a point.  Whoever has the most points at the end of the competition wins the pot.


So for example, the goals for our first week were:

Fitness: Do 100 jumping jacks every day of the week (we revised this to six days of the week)

Food:  Eat protein for every meal six days out of the week

Lifestyle:  Spend fifteen minutes each day in meditation or relaxation

Other:  Do one thing you are scared of and tell the group about it

personal goal


Since the goals change weekly, there is something new to do each week.  It also gives you a fun topic to talk about with other moms, and the companionship helps you to stay on track.  A lot more fun than starving yourself and standing on the scale.

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