Toddler Group Lesson- Let’s Go to the Olympics

I am part of a mom’s group that takes turn teaching a toddler group in our homes.  Below is a lesson I recently taught to coincide with the 2012 Summer Olympics.  It was a big hit!

Teacher has prepared a large board with the words “O is for Olympics” printed on it.  There are also photographs of Olympic athletes on the board, as well as the Olympic symbol.  Children can decorate the board with crayons and star stickers while waiting for other children to arrive.

Teacher asks: “Do you guys like to play games?  What games do you like to play?”  Children are given time to respond.

Using the board as a tool, the teacher gives the following information:

Every four years People from all over the world get together to play games and make new friends.  These games are the Olympics.  O is the first letter of the word Olympics.

This is the symbol of the Olympic games.  How many rings are there?  What colors are there?  Do you notice that the rings are all connected to form a big chain?  The rings are connected to show how the games are about making friends.  Can you link your arms with your friends? (show how to link arms).

The Olympics are held in a different city each time.  These Olympics are being held in London, England.  We live in Arizona.  Arizona is part of the United States of America, or USA.  (Show Arizona on a map, and then show London.)  Would you like to go to London to go to the Olympics?

How do you get somewhere that is far away?  We are going to take an airplane.  (Have children hold out their arms and pretend to be airplanes.  Fly into the next room.)

The first thing that happens at the Olympics is the opening ceremony.  Runners take turns passing a torch to each other to start the games.  (have children take turns running and passing a torch to each other.  The torch is made of a paper towel roll and tissue paper.)

Next, all the athletes play games together.  Our first game is the javelin throw (throwing straws that are taped together).  Our next game is the shot put (spinning around then throwing crushed paper).  Our last game is the running race. (have kids run around the kitchen/living room).

The athletes get medals for doing such a good job playing games.  We are going to make our own medals.  (make medals with cardboard circles, foil, stickers, yarn).

The last thing at the Olympics is the closing ceremony.  We are going to put on our medals and sing a song about being friends.  (wear medals and sing “The more we get together.”)

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