Now, even more fun with repurposing!

When I moved to AZ, I was lucky enough to meet a group of ladies who loved to craft.  We call ourselves the Phoenix United Crafters’ Society, or the PHUCS for short.  From them, I have learned to sew, crochet, screenprint, cook, and a ton of other things.  If I needed something, I used to just run out and buy it.  But as I grew to be a more confident PHUC, I learned to make rather than buy, and use materials I had on hand.  Here are a few recent projects from repurposed materials.


I make far too much jewelry- way more than an average jewelry box can store.  Enter old picture frame and pegboard.



Toddler cooking class- needed aprons.  Used cloth napkins, ribbons from packages, and yarn made from t-shirts.  Folded napkin, pinned ribbons and yarn, single seam around to sew folds and attach everything.


What to do with that huge wall cutout now that flat screens are the thing?  Make it into a kids’ reading nook.  Old bed pillows sewn into clearance fabric.

Boring bowl- spraypaint!


Old buttons- new rings


Wine corks and felt- pin cushions

More repurposing coming soon.

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One Response to Now, even more fun with repurposing!

  1. Lissa says:

    I still have my eyeball pincushion we made and I use it all the time 🙂

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