If you experience runner’s high, you don’t remember what it is like to get high

I may have a shot at this half marathon yet!

Forced myself to do a 4 mile run on the treadmill today.  Kept an 11 minute mile pace- so not breaking any records, but an alright time.  First decent run I’ve had in awhile.  Glad to see I could still do it.  Had about 45 minutes to entertain myself.  Pondered if my recent dietary changes and reduced alcohol consumption did in fact improve my energy levels so that I was once again able to run.  Or if I just believe they did.  Either way, I guess it doesn’t matter so long as the job gets completed.

I am up to ten miles this week.  If I can squeeze in another three tomorrow, I’ll have completed the same distance as what I am supposed to run on race day.  Now, if only I could convince the event organizers to give me a week to finish the race instead of four hours.

Told a friend a few weeks ago about experiencing “runner’s high.”  He replied that anyone who gets runner’s high doesn’t remember what it’s like to get high.  Probably true.  But I left the gym feeling fantastic, ready to take on anything.  I know, gross.

Ok, enough boring writing about running.  On to boring writing about other things.


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