The Book is Here! Check out the Foreword

For the past few months, I have been working with a group of women on a collaborative book, discussing the topic of motherhood.  Such a huge topic needs collaboration- a single author just can’t cover it all.  We hoped to write from a variety of angles- trouble conceiving, not so much trouble conceiving, challenges of breastfeeding, body after baby, becoming a step mom, having a child with ADHD, etc.

We had authors from three states, and two countries.  We had women of multiple generations.  Some of our writers were pros, others had never written before.  I think having such a diverse group made for a very interesting and honest look at what it means to be a mother.  I have posted the foreword to the book below.  I have also listed the link for purchase.  I do not mark up the book whatsoever- the cost I pay is the cost you pay.  I do this because I think the book is something special, and I’d like for as many people to read it as possible.  I hope you will check it out!

Your Mama


Motherhood.  How does a writer even begin to tackle a topic of such complexity and depth?  Looking at the mere word, it looms on the page, full of both promise and anxiety.

Sometimes an author writes because she simply has to give voice to the emotions churning within her mind.  It is no easy task to be a mother.  After my second child was born, I struggled with the isolation that came from being a stay at home mom.  I began writing letters as a means to communicate with the world beyond my realm of diapers and 2am feedings.  I found the act of writing to be a satisfying and needed respite in my otherwise chaotic day.  I would write during naptimes, sometimes for no more than ten minutes a day, but that time spent in creativity gave me perspective on the way my life had changed.  It allowed me to breathe when I needed to, and pause to accept the wonder I am surrounded by on a daily basis.

Having had such a positive experience with writing, I enlisted other mothers to serve as authors on a collaborative project.   Your Mamas All Write is the collective born from that idea.

The women featured in this book come from different backgrounds, generations, and even countries.  Their journeys to becoming mothers took a variety of paths.  Where one was surprised at becoming expectant, another struggled to conceive, and still another became a stepmother to a child half grown.  Their stories are diverse, but these ladies all have one thing in common.  They share the title of mother and all the joy, enchantment, stress and confusion that comes with the role.

Some of the writers in this book are published authors.  Others have never written before.  They each offer a unique point of view into what it is like to be a mother, giving the reader a glimpse at their struggles, successes and everything in between.  It is challenging to make yourself vulnerable on a page written for all to see.  I am exceedingly proud of all of these women for allowing us to look inside their lives and learn from their honesty.

This is not a professional work.  I hate to use clichés, but it truly was a labour of love.  The authors were given complete freedom to write about anything they chose, so long as it related to motherhood.  While we had wonderful women volunteer to read and edit this book, their time was limited, as they have children of their own to take care of.  Many errors were missed and the writing is far from perfect. I hope our punctuation mistakes and grammatical errors can be overlooked, because I believe the content is remarkable.

Please enjoy reading these stories as I have enjoyed collecting them for this book.


Kat Glover

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