Make “Be Less of a Butt Face” a Reality

I received a lot of positive feedback on a recent post titled “Be Less of a Butt Face.”  The general idea behind the piece is that if we all gave when we could, helped where we could, and treated people like people – essentially if we were all less of a butt face- we could dramatically improve the communities we live in.

Be3 copy

The feedback was so great, I’ve started a Facebook page to post information on volunteer opportunities, cool organizations to donate to, and just positive stories.  If the page does well, I’ll commit to a website, t-shirts, guys in sandwich boards, blimps, etc.  I hope you’ll “like” it.  And you don’t have to be in AZ to be a part of it- my vision is that people from all over will use it to post info.

I love the idea that it is the little things that make the difference on a day to day basis.  As my friend and cofounder of Be Less of a Butt Face wrote “it can mean anything from picking up your neighbor’s mail for them to donating time and money.”

Be4 copy

What can you do today to be a little less of a Butt Face?  Share your ideas.  We’d love to hear them!

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