Wednesday- Our Life in Pictures

A few months ago, I met a mom at Liam’s preschool who is a writer and photographer.  We went to her house for a Valentine’s Day party, and I got a closer look at some of her photographs.  They were stunning.  She has two young children who are constantly in motion, yet somehow she manages to capture them in these vivid, joy-drenched moments.  I asked her what her secret was, how did she freeze these perfect moments of activity without the normal blur from kids who refuse to sit still.  She said she tried to think of each activity like a story, and take pictures that would express the details of that story.

Around 8am today, my boys were already getting antsy.  Rain was pouring down, so no chance of heading to the park to burn off some energy.  We decided to paint pictures.  I concocted a textured paint from shaving cream, glue, and food coloring.  Within a few minutes, Liam determined painting his arms was far more interesting than covering the paper.  I went and grabbed my camera and noticed it was only 8:15am.  I thought, if I’m already taking pictures and it’s not even 9am, maybe I should take notice of what other activities the day would bring.  With that in mind, I decided to try to tell the story of our Wednesday in photos.

P1060941bw P1060952


8:15am- painting




10am- trip to Phoenix Children’s Museum


1:30pm- Kellen wakes from nap.  Rock him to sleep, wrap him in my sweater and lay him back down


2:00pm- Decide to wash the bedding.  Greta curls in the comforter while the sheets are in the wash



3:00pm- Noticed early in the day I had left my favorite sweater in the boys wagon, and it got wet during the rain.  Decided to leave it in the wagon for later.  Went to take out the trash, and found my sweater hanging on the chair to drive- Thanks Granny


3:15pm- Valentine tulips are almost done for, but still lovely



3:45pm- Liam examines textured paint results



3:45pm- Rolls rising for dinner

P1070063 P1070066


4:15pm- Headed outside for sand tea party and bike riding



4:15pm- Soon to have more rain

P1070094bw P1070036


5pm- Evening dance party and silliness.  Kellen gets first pick- he chooses Kiss “Alive” because it is black

P1070116bw P1070134


5:30pm- Daddy’s home.  Kellen walks him immediately over to his little table and asks him to write numbers for him.  For whatever reason, he is obsessed with letters and numbers.

P1070133 P1070126


5:45pm- Prepping for dinner.  Cauliflower leaves among the stacks of old, shredded tax docs- the boys were very fascinated by the shredder.  Kellen works on his own dinner by scooping dried pasta and Cheerios.



6:00pm- Dinner guests.  Papa counts raisins with Liam while Granny and Kellen talk something over.

Beautiful, right?  And that’s just a Wednesday.




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