Kat’s Top 15 Haulin’ Ass on the Trail Jams

AZ is soon to enter the zone of 100+ degree temperature days.  In order to stay motivated to hit the trail, I am definitely going to need some new workout tunes.  What are your favs?  As way of reciprocation, here are the top 15 that I seem to always stop on, in no particular order- some good, some horrible, but all seem to get me moving.  Send me your suggestions!

1.  Planet Rock- Afrika Bambaataa

2.  Hashpipe- Weezer

3.  Heatseeker- Valient Thor

4.  Rock N Roll Nigger (Flood Remix)- Patti Smith

5.  I Go To Work- Kool Moe Dee

6.  Mess Around- Ray Charles

7.  It’s Tricky- Run DMC

8.  You Should Be Dancing- Bee Gees

9.  Who Was In My Room Last Night- Butthole Surfers

10.  I’m Really Hot- Missy Elliott

11.  Tobacoo Road- Eric Burdon and War

12.  Renegade- Styx

13. Sexy and I Know It- LMFAO

14.  Hella Good- No Doubt

15.  Booty Bounce- Dev

And if you need a couple of cool down jams, here you go.

16.  I Can’t Go For That- Hall and Oates

17.  Connected- Stereo MCs

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