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Replaced by a Boy named N-I-C-O

I am spending my last week in Oregon visiting some of my favorite spots with Liam and Kellen. Today, we spent the morning at Orchard Park, one of the places we discovered during our first week in Hillsboro. The park … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Jim Croce

I must have appeased the rain gods with my last post. The weather in Oregon has been perfect since our return from Arizona. I can’t believe in less than two weeks our stay in Hillsboro will be over. I took … Continue reading

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DO NOT Badmouth Oregon!

Do not besmirch the state of Oregon.  Be warned.  They will come for you.  A posse of bad bangs and overgrown beards, brandishing pitch forks carved from organically-grown zucchinis.  Upon capture, you will be forced to guzzle espressos brewed from … Continue reading

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Having Brothers Does Not Make a Mother

I’ve grown accustomed to the violence. Many people assume having four brothers prepared me to mother two sons of my own.  In some ways, it did.  I know another mom who was astounded at the level of physical activity and contact … Continue reading

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Salvation in the Form of a Pirate Shirt

“Mom, you forgot your sword.” Liam waves the shiny red and gold plastic sword over his head before tucking it into my belt loop.  We are pirates.  That means we take our swords everywhere, including the grocery store, the post … Continue reading

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The Luxury of Space

I’ve been away from home for ten weeks.  Upon entering my house, I feel as if I have stepped into the plot of a science fiction movie.  I have spent the last two months adventuring through the Northwest, but here … Continue reading

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