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So Odin and Darth Vader Come to a Tea Party….

Since this is the day of thanks, I started the morning contemplating what I was thankful for, besides the usual (but most important) items that top everyone’s lists- family, friends, health, roof, food, etc. While I am blessed in a … Continue reading

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Draw Happiness In

“What is a hippie?” A few nights ago, I went out to dinner with some girlfriends.  I don’t remember the context of the conversation, but at some point, I described myself as a hippie.  One of the ladies, P, hails … Continue reading

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DIY Toddler Class- Smelly Stuff

I am notoriously cheap, at least when it comes to certain things.  I will splurge on a lovely dinner that I have no hope of recreating.  I buy good running shoes.  But if there is even a tiny hope I … Continue reading

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For Larry, and For Eric

I have spent most of my adult life masquerading as an adult.  I often wondered when the feeling of being a grown up would kick in.  I joked that I was officially mature when I purchased a gravy boat instead … Continue reading

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Writing Advice from One Beginner to Another

I’m a luminary! Well sort of.  A few months ago, I submitted an essay to a publisher looking for stories about superheroes.  It was accepted, and the anthology was released this week.  In describing the book on Amazon, the editor … Continue reading

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