DIY Toddler Class- Stuff to Look At

Today was our second lesson for the toddler group.  If you weren’t able to join us, try these activities at home.  Our theme was sense of sight.  Our welcome song and general script were the same as last week’s sense of smell lesson.  You can check out that lesson here:

1.  Similar to last week, I started the lesson by asking what part of the body we use to see with.  We then gently tapped our eyes, and then our laps, creating a pattern- tap, tap, lap.

2.  We sang “Eyes” to the tune of Jingle Bells.  We had a large scarf to bounce up and down to the music.

Eyes Eyes

Eyes help us see

With my eyes

I see a pie

Eyes help us see

Eyes Eyes

Eyes open and close

With wide eyes

I see the sky

Eyes open and close

3.  I hid scarves around the room, and asked the kids to use their sense of sight to look for them.  After they found the scarves, they brought them back to the circle.  We bounced the scarves along to the rhyme below, throwing the scarves in the air on the last word.

My sense of sight I use each day,

Watching the world while I play.

Seeing the beauty is lots of fun,

The sense of sight is number one.

4.  We then used our scarves to get down at our morning dance party.  Today’s song was “Dance to the Music” by Sly and the Family Stone.

5.  I had kids sit on their moms’ laps, facing eachother.  The mom bounced the child up and down to the rhythm of the song below.  We of course made faces to the song.  We lifted the children in the air on “boo.”  To the tune of “If You Ever See a Lassie.”

If you ever see a monster,
A big ugly monster.
If you ever see a monster,
Here’s what you do!
Make this face……
And this face…..
And this face…..
And this face…..
If you ever see a monster…
Be sure to shout…BOOOOO!!!!

6.  We talked about how one important thing you can see with your eyes are signs, such as stop signs, walk/don’t walk, etc.  Before the lesson, I drew arrows on pieces of paper.  I tapped the arrows to form a trail around the room.  I said that I wanted to read a book in a special place, but we needed to follow the arrows to get there.  The children followed the arrows to a fort made under the table.


7.  Under the table, I had created a sensory activity I call the “Hidden Solar System.”  I got the idea from and added the moon/plantets/glitter/etc because my boys are really into outer space.  I didn’t have a large box, so I used a piece of cardboard under attached it underneath my dining room table.

We read the book “Peek a Moo” by Marie Torres Cimarusti while inside the fort.  I then let the kids have some free time to just hang out in the hideout.


8.  We again had free time with instruments while listening to a song.  Today’s pick was “Surrender” by Cheap Trick.  I definitely need to make some more drums because my son commandeers all the drums and cymbals for himself.

9.  Finished up by making a DIY lava lamp on top of the light table.  I LOVE using the light table because it really focuses their attention.

Got a little messy squirting the food coloring, but the little guys loved taking turns adding components to the bottle.


Finished with snacks and free play.  Join us next week for sound!

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