Planes, Trains, and Automobiles- Transportation Series for Toddlers

This is going to be a quick and poorly written post because we’ve got a lot going on around here.  Kellen in the same week decided to give up his naps and start potty training.  I also got my first writing assignment (equals part eek and yeah).  But the Pound Puppies toddler group started our series on transportation this week, and had some fun activities I thought I would share.

1.  We played a game called Land/Water/Sky.  I created a board out of felt showing a simple scene- a sky with clouds, green grass, and a lake.  I printed and colored small pictures of various vehicles- an airplane, a car, a boat, etc.  I attached a small piece of velcro to the back of each picture.  The kids took turns placing the vehicles on the appropriate section of the scene- an airplane in the sky, etc.  Looking back, it would have been better to make a street on the land instead of just grass.  When I asked a boy if the truck went on the land, in the sky, or in the water, he replied “on the street.”  Overall, the kids were very interested in the game and it seemed age appropriate for two year olds.


2.  For our morning dance party, I started out showing a construction paper traffic signal and asking what each color of light meant.  As we moved on to dancing, I held up circles that were red, green or yellow and the kids would respond by dancing slower, faster, or stopping.  Dance party was held to “Stop” by Jane’s Addiction which was a pretty fun song for the occassion

3.  We played “Color Train.”  My father-in-law made my kids an awesome dashboard that is fantastic for pretend play.  I set up the dashboard as the front of the train, and then added cardboard boxes to serve as the train cars.  I gave each child five small pieces of construction paper of varying colors.  I would say “we’re going to Blueville.  I need everyone to give me their blue tickets to get on the train.”  The kids would hand me the blue paper and then get on the train, either driving or in the cars.  This seemed to be the favorite activity of the day.



4.  Painting with cars and trains/car wash

I put out bowls of toy cars and trains.  I prepared paper plates with stripes of craft paint.  The kids rolled their cars in the paint, and then rolled them onto construction paper to paint with the cars.  After their painting were complete, I had a car wash station set up.  I filled tubs with water and dish soap and provided sponges, brushes, rags and towels to wash the cars.

P1040780 P1040781


This week we focused on land vehicles.  Next up, we take to the air!


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