Toddler Olympics- Closing Ceremony

We had our closing ceremonies for Toddler Olympics.  While the actual Olympics seem to be downer after downer, our Olympics ended on a high note.

With our training completed last week.  It was time to move on to events!

We stole a lot of ideas from this toddler Olympic themed workout.

That favorites were the skeleton/luge game and the 2 man bobsled.

For the skeleton/luge, we had our normal weekly dance party (this week to Bill Withers “Harlem”).  When I called out “luge,” everyone had to lie on the floor on their backs.  When I called out “skeleton,” we had to lie on our stomachs.

The two man bobsled started off as mommy/child teams, but morphed into two child teams.  One person sat in a tub or laundry basket, and the other one pushed them on the bobsled track- my kitchen floor.  We taped the flags we made last week on the outsides of the baskets to symbolize the different countries racing.


I teach the Olympics as a time when people from all over the world come together to get to know one another and become friends.  To reiterate this point, we read “Little Smudge” by Lionel Le Neouanic.

Of course, you can’t have Olympics without medals.  I try to involve multiple senses when we make crafts, as well as being age appropriate.  Before the lesson, I cut circles out of cardboard and punched a hole in the them.  The kids covered the circles with foil, and threaded a piece of yarn through the hole.  The moms tied a knot in the yarn to create a necklace, and the kids decorated with stickers.

We finished up by singing our Olympic theme song “The More We Get Together,” and posing for a picture.



Next week, we start our “Things that Grow” series.  As part of that, we introduced the class to our new mascot today- a tadpole named Togie.




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