Spark Your Creativity

Today was one of those days that ended up completely different than I thought it would, in the best way.

My husband has been working a lot of extra hours.  This was his weekend to be on call, which meant he would for the most part be glued to his cell phone and his laptop.  If he did happen to get a break, he was hoping to squeeze in a bike ride.  That meant I was on my own for entertaining the kids.

I heard about Spark!  Mesa’s Festival of Creativity.  Normally, I would steer clear of this type of event, as they usually are nothing more than a place to buy bad hippie wares.  My feet may be black and I do have a CSA share, but I don’t need to spend my hard earned cash on an overpriced poorly made tie dye tent dress.

I also hate to stray too far from home, especially when I’m the sole parent handling the kids at a crowded venue.  I imagined having to carry one while dragging the other back to our car parked two miles from the entrance.

But I saw a photo of the Austin Bike Zoo and just couldn’t resist.

I love bikes.  I adore ornate costumes.  I had to see this in person.

P1020743 P1020747 P1020748 P1020810

So glad I dragged my homebody out of the house.  It was magical.

Not only did we get to see the Austin Bike Zoo, the boys got to “fly” on the butterfly.


We were part of a community project to build giant giraffes out of legos.

P1020757 P1020756

We saw the most amazing costumes woven out of basket material.

P1020766 P1020783 P1020778

We played drums.


We watched a ballet on stilts.


The best was the Made Garden, a play area for kids 3-6 years old.  We noticed a Bee Keeper standing by a door and wondered what she was doing there.  She opened the door to let us in the garden.  There were bee performers playing.  Kellen could not get enough of playing with the bees.  We were in a little hideout crafted mostly of sheets, streamers made of nylons, and bean bags.  The bee would toss a bean bag and say “bum.”  Before long, Kellen and Liam were mimicing her.  Then she’d stack them like pancakes.  Sure enough, so did the boys.  She’d knock hers over and crack up, so would they.  She’d boing one of the streamers.  They would too.  I can’t wait to make one of these setups at home.


There were crafts everywhere, most free.  Art, music.  The only thing we bought were a couple of snow cones.  The boys couldn’t wait to get home and “beast” out their bikes.  I left with tons of ideas too.  Sometimes it pays off to break the routine and see what your town has to offer.  Bravo Spark!


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