DIY Superhero Style- Penguin’s Lair, Flying Photographs, and Homemade Spiderwebs

Coming as no surprise, my sons’ superhero obsession continues!  Since I need to utilize my own crafty powers to maintain my sanity, we continued our pursuit of homemade superhero-themed projects.  First up, Penguin’s Lair!

1.   Penguin’s Lair- this is another diarama play space for action figures.


The boys decided we needed pipes, a manhole, and a ladder leading to the sewer lair.  They also wanted security cameras and guns in the shape of umbrellas.  This is the first lair we spent money to make, as I did not have drink umbrellas on hand.  I found some at the thrift store for $1.  I was also out of black paint and glitter, so we had to restock those although they are supplies I normally have in my craft closet.

My favorite feature is Robin being poured from the pipe into the sewer.  I made the water by smooshing glue and glitter onto plastic wrap and letting it dry.  The pipes are plastic water bottles I sprayed painted silver.  We used the end of the water bottle to make our manhole cover.  You can see one of our security cameras, which are movable.




The umbrella guns in the back are also movable.  You might want to stick something over the ends of the toothpicks to keep them from being used to poke- perhaps a dried dough handle?

P1020832 P1020828 P1020835


2.  Flying portraits- I saw a photo on Pinterest of kids appearing to fly by laying down over a city drawn with chalk on the sidewalk.  We decided to give it a go.  I showed the boys the photos before we did our shoot, so they would know what to do- I highly recommend this for young kids.  We got a good photo, but with the bright sun and the slope on our driveway, it did take a bit of Photoshop.  Here are the before and after.

P1020651 P10206512

3.  Homemade spiderwebs- These are small webs our action figure Spiderman can use to throw at bad guys.  Super simple- hot glue on a piece of wax paper.  Got the idea from Project Runway where a contestant tried to make a lace treatment for a dress.  He got kicked off that week- perhaps he just need to target a four year old audience.  The paper did stick and had to be torn from the back.  I’m sure there is some way to prevent this- maybe a nonstick spray or a different paper source.

P1020510 P1020513

And those are the ideas for this edition.  I have no doubt that a fourth installment will be up soon!

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