DIY Superhero Style- Customize Your Action Figures

The boys have created their own version of a dynamic duo- Liam Lightning and Kellen Thunder.  Liam Lightning can shoot lightning from his eyes and fingertips.  Kellen Thunder makes thunderclaps and has orange heat vision.  They both drive airplanes- Liam’s is yellow with lighting bolts, and Kellen’s looks like a panda (hey, the kid loves pandas).  What better way to encourage their imaginations than to make action figures of the heroes they envisioned.

I asked the boys to describe what their heroes looked like- color of outfits, boots, gloves, if they wore capes or masks, what their symbols were, etc.

I selected two action figures from our stash.  I used Imaginext figures because they are inexpensive and they are the figures my boys play with the most.


First step was to give the figures a light sanding with sandpaper, so the paint would have something to hold on to.


Next step was to paint.  I used craft paint because I had it on hand.  My husband thought model paint would hold better.  Have to remember that for next time.  First coat on Liam Lightning was not the right color- had to do a second darker coat.  Boys had to get in on the action too.P1030795 P1030798 P1030799


Of course, superheroes need super symbols.  I drew up the symbols on paper and then glued them down using a matte gel because it dries very hard.  If you don’t have that, I’m sure regular glue would be just fine.

P1030803 P1030804Made capes out of scrapes of old t-shirts with a little sharpie drawing on the back.  Attached a few pieces of embroidery thread so the cape could be tied.

P1030805 P1030808

Painted on yellow masks, because that’s what this duo wears.  This was the hardest part as my hands are not too steady.



Finished up by sealing with a coat of clear nail polish.  I’m sure there is a better sealant, but this is what I had and it gave the toys a nice shiny gloss.



Attached the capes, and shazam! Liam Lightning and Kellen Thunder are ready for play.



Ok, not quite ready- I told the boys they had to dry overnight and would be ready for play in the morning.  Liam was up at 5:40am to get his hands on his figure.  Oh well- at least he was excited!





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