At least once a week, I get an email that starts off with “I don’t always read your blog, but when I do….”  I feel like the Dos Equis of blogs.

It makes sense that I have a lot of readers who check in sporadically.  A person who searches my blog for activity ideas for their kids might not be so interested in what I have to say about the state of feminism.  If you love stories about mountain biking, reading about my vinyl collection might be a waste of your time.

If I took building my writing platform more seriously, I suppose I would have a different blog for each of the areas that I devote writing time to:  motherhood and family, creative endeavors, athletic pursuits, feminism, writing, my former alternative lifestyle, and a few other random topics that sneak their way in.  But I have a difficult time posting fresh content for one blog, let alone several.  And in truth, it’s just not me.

For good or not, I have always struggled to compartmentalize.  I am that lady who knows full well you should never cry at work, but can’t hold back my tears when I have a bad day.  I have lost many friendships by saying things that fall in the “keep that to yourself” category.  This personality trait lands me in hot water, but I haven’t had much success in changing it, so I just roll on.

Now, I’m a mom.  Every aspect of my life is scrutinized under the light of “what will my kids think” or “what will other kids think” or worse yet, “what will their parents think.” When I write something on the racy side, I want to add a disclaimer of “family members, in-laws, and people who will cringe at the word ‘fuck’ should stop reading now.”  But then I think, my own mother reads me blog.  My husband likes who I am.  Most importantly, this is me, warts and all.  I’m honest and unashamed.  I didn’t stop being a person when I became a mom.  I am proud of who I am.  I’m a mother, a teacher, a feminist, an artist, a free thinker, and a total jackass.

So what perpetuated this self indulgent post?  I rarely look at my blog homepage, opting instead to just go straight to adding new posts.  I clicked on it a day or two ago and noticed my tag line “raising an adult in a toddler’s world.” It dawned on me how ill fitting that tag has become.  I no longer have toddlers- in two short months, both boys will both be in school.  My blog has branched out from my early posts about motherhood, covering any array of topics, family friendly and otherwise.

While I have people who read and follow my blog, it is very much written for an audience of one- me.  I use it for laughs, clarity, and sanity.  Maybe not the best tagline, but it suits me for now.

So, if you’ve ever thought “wow, her posts are really all over the place,” there is some sort of contemplation behind it.  Contemplation and laziness.  The Dos Equis of blogs- “I don’t often read your blog, but when I do, just like beer, it gives me gas.”


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