The Kind Mind

Last week, I wrote a post about being a butt face.  I published it on my blog as well as on the Be Less of a Butt Face Facebook page.

I felt like a total creep for not keeping up with Butt Face.  But my asshole ability got multiplied ten fold when I realized the Butt Face page was being updated regularly by a whole team I have never even communicated with.  I started the group, abandoned it, and left it to my counterpart, Yves, to take care of.  Major butt face on my part!  Yves has recruited an arsenal of kind minded folks who share their joy and attempt to inspire us to do the same.

After last week’s post, Yves asked me if I would be willing to update the page once a week, just to take a little work off the team’s shoulder.  She made it so easy, how could I say no?

The idea behind Butt Face is to give when you can, help when you can and treat people well.  As I bought my kids yet another set of Legos simply because they wanted them, I pondered “am I really living a kind life?”

Instead of merely writing a post about kindness each week, I decided to use this as a pledge to give more of myself and expand the focus of my life.

Each week, I will take part in at least one act of kindness and write about it.

Like any thirty something American citizen, when I decided to get to work, I googled how to get started.  Of course, it took awhile to sift through all the sites and find the volunteer opportunities that spoke to me.  Finally, I came across a gem called Tempe Karma.

This is a local site that posts various volunteer gigs, as well as allows you to post ways that your organization needs help.  Through Tempe Karma, I got in touch with the Tempe Community Action Agency.

On their homepage I saw a link for a water drive.  It is as easy as it sounds- collect bottles of water to be distributed to people who need them.

This type of activity speaks to me on the most basic level.  I love doing any type of fulfilling activity, but I find it difficult to fathom people not having their most basic needs met- food, shelter, clothing, water.  Can you imagine not having water to drink?  I thought about the figures I see on the corners of the highway, holding their cardboard signs when it is 110 degrees outside.  A horrible lot in life to be sure, but doing that without water?  Unimaginable.

I emailed the agency before I could talk myself out of it- telling myself how busy I am, how I’ll do it later in the year when my life slows down, how I can just give at the grocery store food drive box.  It’s so simple to put it out of my mind.  By emailing, setting it up, and writing about it, I am accountable.

And how difficult is it really?  Collect food and water when I see people.  Drive it over when I have a load- or (fingers crossed) have it picked up because the haul is too huge.

Easy peasy act of kindness that will help someone who really needs it.  So for the next 2-3 weeks, that’s what I’m doing.  Go through your pantry.  Collect those non-perishables.  Grab a case of water when you are at the store.  Drop it off or contact me and I’ll pick it up.

I noticed a lasting effect from the kind mind.  I stopped to let people pull out of the parking lot into traffic instead of zipping past.  I said “pardon me” and “thank you” a few more times.  I even made small talk with cashiers, asking how their day was- which if you know me, is completely out of character.  As Rainbow Brighty as it sounds, my day actually felt a little more pleasant.  I like living outside my bubble.  I’m excited to think I might actually collect a whole bunch of stuff to help this agency!

Take the pledge with me.  Do something kind every week.  Tell me about it in my comments section.  Doesn’t have to be huge.  Take soup to an ill friend.  Buy a stranger a bouquet of flowers.  Actually put food in that box at the grocery store.

Do it.  Have a kind mind.  Share love …and stuff.


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