Now, For Some Kindhearted Fluff

For those of you who are saying “Jeez, dial it back a bit, sister”- don’t worry.  My kindness posts will not be all gloom and starvation.  Being kind is opening me up to new opportunities for experiencing joy, and someone will be forced to read my crappy writing to boot.

I became one of the 669 backers behind the 2014 Equal Writes Campaign.–6de5c9075ca5516492ef3df7fba19338fba6519c&ref=backer_project_update

Put together by Shebooks, this campaign will make it possible for ten women to publish books this year.  To quote them:

“Not enough women are able to get their work published today—even the best women writers. Almost three-quarters of the bylines in leading print and digital publications belong to men. What’s up with that? Amazingly, that gender disparity is nearly the same as it was 100 years ago. What’s up with that?

In traditional book publishing, the women who do get their work published are not getting paid fairly. A recent study found that women write 60 percent of the bestsellers and earn only 27 percent of the advances and royalties.”

As a person who loves to write, I often fantasize about the moment where I get the news a book of mine will be published.  How cool is it that I am part of that dream coming true for someone else?

I got in at the $35 level.  Which means that like it or not, an editor will be forced to review a story of mine for possible publication in a Shebooks anthology.  Ok, maybe it’s a bit selfish. And I might be somewhat hoping to buy my way into a book.  But hey, they get my money, I get a review.  Seems like an ok deal to me.

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