Get Danny’s Birthday Card in the Mail!!!

My friend, Dale, sent me the below link, suggesting it might work well with my kindness campaign.

Danny Nickerson is a five year old boy battling cancer.  He has an inoperable brain tumor, and the cancer is very resistant to chemotherapy.

His birthday is July 25, and all he wants is to receive birthday cards from as many people as he can.

My son’s fifth birthday is July 26- just a day after Danny’s.  As I looked at a photo of blond haired Danny, I thought about how much he looked like my Liam, how close they are in age.  They even love the same thing- Legos.  I couldn’t help but compare their birthday wishes- Liam asks for a new Lego set almost on the hour, but Danny just wants well wishes.

So I picked up a card at the store.  I came home and showed the boys a picture of Danny and told him that his birthday was coming up and that he also likes Legos.  I explained that Danny is sick and it might make him feel a lot better to get surprises from people through the mail.

The boys colored pictures for Danny.  I suggested giving Danny a couple of Legos from our stash for Liam’s birthday party, so that Danny could be included in our celebration.  At first, the boys did not want to part with their Legos.  But as we talked more, Liam decided he wanted to send not one, but two- he really wanted to make Danny happy.


It’s a simple way to show a child how to be kind, but also to remind them of the needs of someone else in the midst of a day that is all about him.

Our letter is on the counter, waiting to be mailed tomorrow.   Why not join us and send Danny something special?  It’s not often you get to make a childhood wish come true.

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