The Followup

Kellen is on the verge of bouncing as he runs to greet me.  His preschool day is done, and he can’t wait to show me how he traced his hand after reading The Kissing Hand.

We head home to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  We start to assembe a model called “The Transparent Woman.”  Kellen has a fascination with vampires that includes stocking a pretend refrigerator with blood and hearts.  I know it sounds morbid, but it is one of his favorite games.  With the model, I am hoping to show him what an actual heart looks like and how the blood travels through the body.  He picks up the plastic bones with intrigue.

Liam returns from school a few hours later.  My husband was able to get out early and pick him up.  He shows me a strange pod he noticed on the ground, a found treasure.  I show him the drawing I was working on while he was at school.  I ask him what he sees, and he says a heart.  I tell him he is correct- that the heart is me with him and Kellen.  He tapes his pod to the picture and asks if we can look for more strange things to tape to it.  He is my son.

Earlier in the day, I emailed both teachers to see how the boys are adjusting to school.  I let them know we have had a few tears and morning protests. Both respond with favorable notes.  Kellen’s teacher talks about what they did that day and how he reacted to the activities.  She assures me she will keep an eye on him.  Liam’s teacher tells me she asked him how he liked school and he responded that he loved it.  She advised him that if he ever felt sad or upset, to come and tell her and she would help him.  She, too, said she would keep watch.

A girlfriend texted to say “I saw Liam in his bright green shirt.  Ben was picking him up.”  I remember how she sent me several texts like that over the last couple of days.  Her girls are in classes above Liam, but maybe they keep an eye out for him on the playground.

Liam and I talk over the drawing.  Kellen notices and comes to sit in my lap.  I reiterate what Liam’s teacher has told me- that they can always talk to me about their day.  They can tell me if they are happy or sad or mad or any other emotion.  We then head outside to look for more strange items to tape to the drawing.

We do have people on our side, looking out for us.  It may be a bit of a transition, but we may learn to love this routine yet.

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