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The Spacemen Brothers- Musings on Creative Thinking

To know me is to understand my love of quirky Halloween costumes.  It’s a passion so close to my heart, I’ve already written about it: Last night, we went to the Pumpkin Walk at Kellen’s school.  The event included … Continue reading

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Bad Hair Day

I used to be fearless when it came to my hair.  I prided myself on being the girl who didn’t throw a tantrum over a bad haircut.  My attitude was it’s just hair.  It grows back.  Looking through a photo … Continue reading

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The Valley of the Uncanny- Photoshop Gone Wrong

If you have school age children, you are well aware that it is school picture time.  The flier in my son’s backpack boasted the same advice I heard as a kid- dress in your best, don’t wear white, etc.  But … Continue reading

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You Can Draw!

Yesterday, I went through what is becoming my typical Sunday routine.  I played with my boys, rode my bike to yoga, drank a beer, and doodled.  As I began a new picture, I pondered why more adults don’t draw. I … Continue reading

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