You Can Draw!

Yesterday, I went through what is becoming my typical Sunday routine.  I played with my boys, rode my bike to yoga, drank a beer, and doodled.  As I began a new picture, I pondered why more adults don’t draw.

I think grownups get stuck on an idea and if their creation does not look like what is in their head, they give up.  The beauty of zen doodling is that you are responding to what you draw, not planning a finished product.  (warning: we are about to get full on into some hippie dippie bullshit).

When I start a new drawing, I put some very simple lines down- kind of the bones of the picture.  I do this four or five times until I get a shape I like and want to add too.

P1100787 P1100788

Once I have a basic shape, the real process begins.  I have a rule that I do not stop a drawing until I feel like it is completed.  I don’t start over.  I don’t give up and move on.  If I put down a line I don’t like, I have to figure out a way to incorporate it.  The act of drawing becomes problem solving- how do I take this shape that does not fit and add to it in such a way that it does.  I play with it- it’s a doodle.  If it doesn’t look right, who cares?  The more I mess around, the more I figure out techniques I like, ideas that work.

The end result is never what I originally thought of in my mind.  The piece becomes a living creation, responding to stimulus, adapting and growing to meet the needs of the work.

You can draw.  Give up your preconceived ideas, and just respond to the shapes.  They will guide you as to lines to draw next.


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