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A Cup of Turkish Coffee

“A single cup of Turkish coffee can create a friendship that lasts for 40 years.” Potent stuff that Turkish coffee. Early in the school year, I invited my son’s preschool class over for a play date, hoping to get to … Continue reading

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My Husband Brings Home the Bacon AND Fries it Up in the Pan- Gender Stereotypes, Family Dynamics and Getting on the Same Team

“Dad doesn’t make computer chips.  He makes money.” Ah, kids say the darnedest things.  I could simply use this cute one-liner to annoy people on Facebook.  But on this particular day, having just come from a panel discussion on balance … Continue reading

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Going to Grandma’s House

Yesterday, my grandmother was advised she had around six months of life to live.  Could be more, could be less, but that was the timeline provided by her doctors. She was diagnosed with cancer  awhile back.  When I heard about … Continue reading

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Transcendence By Way of Lasik, Bjork, and the Sonoran Desert

This poor blog gets no love from me anymore!  Sorry blog.  I have so many things to write about, and just never enough time.  Today, though, I want to get this down, even though it is likely to read like … Continue reading

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