Sabbatical- Day One

This will be a brief post (maybe).  Just some quick words to help me keep track of this trip.  Who knows when I will get another chance to be on the road for an entire month?

Yesterday, we dropped off our pets at Lala’s house.  What kind of a friend offers to take in two cats and a frog for an entire month?  The best kind.  One far more kind than I am.  Lucy, Lala’s dog, did not take too well to a couple of felines invading her turf.  She lunged for Anni, and I screamed.  Lala asked “didn’t you think that would happen?”  I guess I should have been ready for it, but I wasn’t.  I have never seen a dog establishing her territory.  Anxiety coursed through me, and I started crying.  Was I a complete asshole, uprooting their lives for a month?  An hour or so passed, and they began to calm down.  I was able to pet them and say goodbye, I even got them to purr.  Lala, true to her sweet nature, whipped out her cotton candy machine, and made up a batch.  I began to feel a bit better.

As we began to head home to finish packing, Liam burst into tears.  He didn’t want to leave his cats either.  I promised to print out photos of Anni and Greta when we got home, so they could come with us.  That soothed him a little, but when I offered him a new Lego minifigure, his tears evaporated instantly.

Our first stop today was Kartchner Caverns, and under ground cave system boasting enormous stalactite and stalagmite formations.  There was no photography allowed on the tour, and I made note to commit that idea to practice for the duration of the trip.  Pick photos carefully, don’t try to capture every moment, and instead, be present.  We will see if I can adhere to this philosophy.

On the way there, I doodled in my notebook, trying to let my pen wander in new ways.  Some of it didn’t look so spectacular, but I reminded myself that figuring out what I like is a process.  Most of the things I love about drawing happened by accident.  Freedom to fail is behind every success.

Seeing  the giant formation titled “Kubla Khan” gave me an abundance of motivation to get drawing again.  It is massive and beautiful in a way I can not describe.  Seeing it was like being on an alien planet.

After the tour, Liam asked “Was that heaven?”

“I imagine it is as beautiful as heaven.”

“So I guess you don’t have to die to see heaven.  You just have to ride a tram.”

I guess so.  It was so quiet and peaceful looking at Kubla Khan, that Kellen fell asleep.  I had to carry him on the way out.

We are tired.  At least I am.  I’d love to just relax in our hotel.  But we have a single night in Bisbee, so I guess I better hit the town.  Saw a sign that read “Don’t Grow Up- It’s a Trap.”  Good advice.  Bye for now.

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