A Vacation in Your Mind

This is going to be fast, poorly written, and self serving.  I don’t want to forget this conversation.

Driving home from dinner at my in-laws, I asked the boys if they were excited to go on vacation. Tomorrow, we drive to Mexico to stay for three nights.

A six year old Liam replies “You can take a vacation anytime you need to.  You can go on vacation in your mind.”

I ask where he heard about this idea, and he says he remembered it from a poem at school.

I inquire as to where he would go.  Without skipping a beat, Liam replies “The Land of Dreams.”

Of course, I tell him that the Land of Dreams sounds like an amazing place, and ask him to tell me about it.

He says “In the Land of Dreams, you can go anywhere you can think of. You could go to the past to visit Uncle Chris.”

I tell him this sounds very good to me.  I describe a time when we were kids living on a large field.  I want to revisit the pond at the neighbors house, how we would row a small boat across the water, and tie the reeds together to build houses.

Liam says he would visit the future- a time where he could wear a helmet, and drive a motorcycle in the sand, and complete lots of elaborate tricks, including a full flip.

I ask Kellen where he would visit.

“The Land of Thoughts.”

In the Land of Thoughts, there are bubbles, Kellen tells me.  He would touch the bubble that has a picture of water on it, because he wants to visit the ocean. He would then touch the bubbles with pictures of snowflakes and icicles, because he likes things that are cold.

This conversation.  I never want to forget it.  Children…..they are just magic.  They really are.

Dear God, I am so lucky to be blessed to live in the Land of These Two Boys.

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