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Post script

Before I even get started writing this post, I should mention that I just got home from having drinks with a couple of girlfriends.  I’m trying to think of a clever way to phrase it, but words are eluding me. … Continue reading

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Yes, Kathleen, The Doors Are Painted Blue

The doors of the curb appeal house are blue. I woke up this morning, prepared to have a bad day. But the doors are blue. I am weeping as I write this, but for once the tears are not sad. … Continue reading

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Today, I wrote this story, because I guess I have to write

In my head, I have given the home a title, “The Curb Appeal House.”  The lawn was fabricated in a factory to withstand the Arizona summers and remain an eternal green.  The walkway is a patchwork of river rocks chosen … Continue reading

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